Tuesday, 27 October 2009


  1. My portfolio website by Thomas Holland

    Strengths - As this project has progressed, web design has grown on me more and more. I enjoyed learning the two new programs Fireworks and Dreamweaver even though we sometimes had our differences. I am pleased with the progress I have made in these even though I still feel there is much to learn. I am most of all proud with the challenges I set my self through using a photographic aesthetic to the website as this became a real challenge when "slicing" the images up to produce my rollovers and buttons. A lot of the time I was unsure about how it was going from a design perspective but now feel satisfied for what I produced.

    Weaknesses - I am still not satisfied with the design for two pages in-particular. These are the audio page and the photography page. I had tried developing the photography one a lot as I really wanted to keep to the idea of real life imagery so it flowed with the rest of the site but don't yet feel it quite matches up to some of the other pages.

    Opportunities - I would definitely want to put more time into developing the pages mentioned above and try to get the best out of my website. This is definitely a project to use for myself and will try to better it in my spare time.

    Threats - One thing I am concerned about is much of my work from previous years that I would like to include in my site is still at home and have been unable to get a hold of it to include on my website. I also had trouble getting a descent picture of my phone and ended up rendering the contacts page which I feel doesn't flow with the rest of the site although I do feel as an individual piece it's quite strong.

    Overall, I've fund this a fun and worthwhile project. I have learnt a lot and wish to carry on more in this area.

  2. Also, I would like to learn how to add audio to my site as this could really help add to the overall experience navigating around. I didn't manage to get round to adding this so obviously I'd like to work on this as I went through producing audio pages.